Arabic Keyboard

The Arabic Keyboard Tool was created to allow people to search and write in Arabic without having a keyboard specifically made for the Arabic language. This is an online keyboard so you can use your computer, a mobile keyboard, or mouse to type Arabic characters.

About The Online Arabic Keyboard Tool:

Actually, an online Arabic Keyboard is a tool that will let you type characters in Arabic. In a normal sense, an online Arabic Keyboard offers a keyboard screen that has clickable buttons to type your text. In this particular case, typing is performed using a mouse or using your finger to touch the screen.
Adding to that, an online Arabic Keyboard allows you to use a physical keyboard to type text. As an example, you can use this Arabic Keyboard while typing and the tool will automatically change the characters from English to Arabic.

Why Would I Want To Use An Online Arabic Keyboard? developed this service for a number of reasons:

You are using a device or computer that does not support the Arabic language.
You are using your computer in a cafe while visiting a foreign country.
You happen to be multilingual and do not want to spend time trying to figure out how to change your computer's settings.
The Arabic characters you need are not on your actual keyboard.
You can easily search on Google or YouTube.

If you answered “Yes” to any of these reasons, you definitely need to check out this online keyboard!